I am Angela Tempany and I love flowers...

... I have been blessed to live at Canon Frome Court, an intentional farming community in Herefordshire, since 2001. Here, I have the space to grow flowers for my fellow communards and the bees. I cultivate flowers within our 2-acre walled garden. Nature does the rest, with wild flowers growing everywhere around the farm and the lake.

Angela Tempany

I am a teacher by trade, and have specialised in running alternative provision for children excluded from school. I apply the same techniques when working with young people and flowers: nurture with love and attention.

My desire to start a flower business has grown from the loss of both my parents. A hospice room filled with the colour and scent of flowers helped my mum make her final journey in October 2018. During those last weeks spent with her, I realised the power of flowers to bring joy and hold sorrow.

In January 2019, I decided it was time to stop dreaming and start digging. Our neighbours, Brian and Jenny, had an abandoned poly tunnel which was damaged by the heavy snows of March 2018. I asked if I could repair it and have the space to grow flowers. Brian said 'yes'.


From January to March, supported by my reliable digger and partner, Simon, we set about repairing the frames and making outside beds. With the help of Canon Frome communards, we put a new skin on at the end of March and planted out first sweet peas and cornflowers.


By July, the beds will be filled with dahlias, cosmos, papaver, zinnias, ammi and sunflowers.


Watch this space!

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